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Christmas time is almost here so if you're not busy shopping for presents already then you're probably looking for some inspiration.

Showing your loved ones that you love them doesn't have to come with an outlandish price tag, but here is what a billionaire's Christmas shopping list might look like!

Amour, Amour Dog Collar

If you have a precious pup that you want to pamper this Christmas, look no further! This lavish dog collar dubbed “the Bugatti of dog collars” is definitely going to make your pretentious pooch stand out from the crowd. It is adorned with 1600 diamonds set in white gold, with a 7 carat centrepiece fixed on a crocodile leather collar.

This luxurious dog collar be yours for only $3.2 million, that's about £2.5 million! The look of gratitude on your dog's face will definitely be worth every penny...all 250 million of them!

Ruby Red Slippers from the House of Harry Winston

While we're on the topic of bling, these ruby red slippers are a definite must on any billionaire's shopping list. Created to celebrate the golden anniversary of one of the best movies ever made, The wizard Of Oz (1939), these shoes are created using real rubies: 4,600 of them to be exact.

The designer added his personal touch with 50 carat diamond trimmings to achieve a stunning effect. The price tag will definitely make you feel like you're not in Kansas anymore...If you want these shoes under the Christmas tree this year you will have to spend an estimated £2.4 million!

The Zafirro Iridium Razor

If the person that you are shopping for likes to treat themselves to a perfect shave, look no further! This razor promises to offer the most precise shaving experience in the world, featuring two blades made out of artificial sapphire grown in a former Soviet Union laboratory in Ukraine. And if that was not enough to convince you, the Zafirro boasts a handle that is 99.9% iridium- a platinum metal that is incredibly corrosive resistant and can only be found in meteorites! Enough to give you a shaving experience that is out of this world...

With a price tag of only £62,460 ($100,000) this gift will surely last for a long time. And on top of that you won't have to worry about your loved one receiving the same gift from somebody else as well because only 99 of these razors were ever made.

Hermes Birkin rare Himalayan crocodile bag

Handbags are a Christmas gift staple, so why not spoil your loved one this year with a rare Birkin bag?

This rare Himalayan crocodile leather Birkin bag is adorned with 245 diamonds and white gold detailing is worth an estimated £208,175!

Birkin bags have increased 500% in value over the last 35 years and are predicted to increase even more, making them the perfect investment!

You might also want to factor in the 6 year waiting list for these bags due to the incredible amount of detailing that goes into creating them. It is estimated that it takes at least 48 hours for each bag to be created by hand.  

To'ak chocolate

You can never go wrong with a good quality chocolate bar for Christmas. If you special someone has a sweet tooth, they will definitely enjoy this chocolate made out of rare cocoa beans. Its structure is so delicate that the manufacturer generously provides each box with a pair of wooden tongs that are used to enjoy this luxurious treat.

This chocolate is in fact so delicate that a serving portion (about the size of a normal chocolate bar) wirght just 1.5 ounces! Made from the finest fine grade cacao beans, To'ak chocolate requires 36 meticulous steps to make and comes in a luxurious wooden gift box. Although it's technically not the most expensive chocolate bar you can buy, retailing at just about £169 per bar, its creators claim that it is the highest price you can pay for a pure chocolate bar, without any extra additions and without taking weight into consideration.  

The Ultimate Hamper

Because we are experts in hampers, however, we've decided to take this Christmas gift extravaganza to the next level and add all of these items in a hamper. That brings the total price tag for all of these lavish gifts to a jaw-dropping £5,170,804!!!

If you want to be extra fancy though, you might want to add a bottle of the world's most expensive wine on the side for only £128,964, raising the value of your hamper to £5,299,768!

The more realistic option...

If that seems slightly out of your budget a normal hamper would work just as well! Our top pick is this Prosecco & Chocolate Indulgence Hamper.

Those were our billionaire gift suggestions for 2016. Let us know what you would add to your billionaire hamper in the comments below!

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